40 terms

MAT - Literature

Greek writer - wrote fables (a.k.a. fabulist)
Jane Austen
English writer- wrote commedies of manners - Pride and Prejudice/Emma
Honore de Balzac
French writer - wrote novels about Paris
Lord Byron
(George Gordon Byron) English poet of Romantic Era - Don Juan
Albert Camus
French existential novel writer - 20th c. - The Stranger
Lewis Carroll
(Charles Dodson) English - Through the Looking Glass
Giacomo Casanova
Italian author - memoirs of sexual conquest
Miguel de Cervantes
Spanish author - Don Quixote (windmill symbols)
Anton Checkhov
Russian writer - fiction and plays - late 19th c. - The Cherry Orchard/Three Sisters
Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette
(woman) French - novelist - last 19th c. - early 20th c.
Dante Alighiere
Italian - poet - The Divine Comedy (a.k.a. Dante's Inferno)
Charles Dickens
English - novelist - 19th c. - Oliver Twist/David Copperfield/Great Expectations/Christmas Carol - most work set in London
Emily Dickinson
American - poet - 19th c.
Fyodor Doestoevsky
Russian - novelist - The Brothers Karamazov/Crime and Punishment
George Eliot
(Mary Ann Evans) English writer - 19th c. - Middlemarch/Adam Bede
T.S. Eliot
American-born British - poet - early 20th c. - The Wasteland/Four Quartets/ The Love Song...
Ralph Waldo Emerson
American - essayist and poetry
Greek - playwright - 5th c. BC - wrote Medea
William Faulkner
American novelist - 20th c. - wrote Absalom! & The Sound of Fury - created fictional towns of Jefferson and Yoknapatawpha in Mississippi
Gustave Flaubert
French novelist - 19th c. - wrote Madame Bovary
Johann Wolfgang Goethe
German author - late 18th c. - wrote Faust (sells soul to devil, Mephistopheles)
Nathaniel Hawthorne
American writer - 19th c. - wrote the Scarlet Letter
Greek poet - epics - wrote The Illiad and The Odyssey (main characters are Archilles and Odysseus)
Victor Hugo
French author - 19th c. - work set in Paris - wrote The Hunchback of Notre Dame
James Joyce
Irish author - 19th c. - wrote Ulysses/Dubliners/Finnegan's Wake
John Keats
English poet - early 1800s - known for his "Odes"
Herman Melville
American author - 19th c. - Moby-Dick (has the one legged Captain Ahab)
John Milton
English poet - 17th c. - wrote Paradise Lost
Vladmir Nabokov
Russian born American novelist - wrote Lolita
George Orwell
English author - 20th c. - wrote 1984 and Animal Farm
Roman poet - wrote Metamorphoses (myth poem)
Franz Kafka
novella writer of "The Metamorphosis"
Greek lyric poet - 14th c. B.C.
Luigi Pirandello
Italian author - wrote play Six Characters in Search of an author
Roman playwright - 2nd c. B.C.
Greek - biographer and philosopher
Marcel Proust
French novelist - late 19th c. - Remembrance of Things Past (a.k.a. In Search of Lost Time)
Greek poet - 17th c. B.C. - woman who wrote lesbian love poems
Greek playwright - 5th c. B.C.
Edmund Spenser
English poet - 16th c. - wrote the Faerie Queen