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  1. Absolute Magnitude
  2. Spectral type K
  3. Cataclysmic Variables
  4. Globular Clusters:
  5. Stellar Evolution
  1. a Orange - Temperature range: 3,500 - 5,000 K.
  2. b Gravitationally-bound grouping of very old stars. <10,000 to one million stars> Old, many, many, stars, organized.
  3. c Brightness if we moved all the stars to the same distance. 10 pc. (Comparing apples to apples)
  4. d A star's life path as shown on a Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram.
  5. e One of the major classes of variables.

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  1. Stars not physically related to each other but happen to line up so that we see what appears to be a double star system. More rare than one would think.
  2. Oh Be A Fine Guy Kiss Me Right Now Sweetheart.
  3. What we see in the sky. Star Charts and planispheres use different size "dots" to represent.
  4. Most stars, like our sun
  5. 1/2 the star's shift back and forth, in degrees.

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  1. SiriusSpectral type A (aqua) Temperature range: 7,500 - 10,000 K


  2. Open ClusterConsist of two major groups: Open and Globular


  3. Apparent BrightnessThe amount of light reahing us (per unit area); measured in flux.


  4. Proxima CentauriThe Sun


  5. Variable StarsStars that appear to change in brightness.