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  1. Eclipsing Binary
  2. Spectral Type
  3. Spectral type O
  4. Star Clusters
  5. Spectral type A
  1. a Pair of stars that orbit in the plane of our line of sight causing it to "blink". Often listed as EBS. (Algol in the Iliad by Homer)
  2. b White star - Temperature range >30,000 k.
  3. c Aqua - Temperature range: 7,500 - 10,000 K
  4. d Consist of two major groups: Open and Globular
  5. e Stars color/surface temperature E - this is how we classify stars.

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  1. Orange - Temperature range: 3,500 - 5,000 K.
  2. The distance light travels in one year = approximately 10 trillion kilometers.
  3. Pale Yellow - Temperature range: 6,000-7,500
  4. Stars that appear to change in brightness.
  5. A Star's total amount of power radiated into space; measured in watts

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  1. Orion Belt StarsSpectral type O (white). Temperature range >30,000 K.


  2. Issues with Measuring ParallaxOne of the two major classes of variables. There are five classes. One important example: Cepheid Variables.


  3. ParsecThe distance to an object with a parallax angle of 1 arcsecond; unit is pc. One pc = 3.26 light years (ly) = 3.09 x 10^13 km.


  4. Absolute MagnitudeBrightness if we moved all the stars to the same distance. 10 pc. (Comparing apples to apples)


  5. Stellar MassSpectral type F (pale yellow) Temperature range: 6,000-7,500 K.