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Congress of Vienna

September 1814, reestablish balance of power amongst countries of Europe and have peace between the nations, kept peace for 40 years

Quadruple Alliance

Great Britain, Austria, Prussia, Russia

Prince Metternich of Austria

CoV leader, guided by principle of legitimacy which was to restore legitimate monarchs who would preserve traditional institutions, his plan failed


idea used by the leaders of CoV, create changes without overthrowing the government, there was nothing wrong with change or improvements


represented in CoV by Talleyrand, respected even though wasn't supposed to be, deprived of all land conquered by Napoleon, restored under the rule of Louis XVIII

Dutch Republic

united with Austrian Netherlands to Netherlands under House of Orange


keeps Finland and effective control over Poland


given much of Saxony and important parts of Westphalia and the Rhine Province


given back most of lost territory, received land lost in Germany and Italy


Embargo placed by Napoleon expires and receive trade by sea back

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