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Questions related to the 7 basic principles of the Constitution and the goals stated in the Preamble.

Popular Sovereignty

the people determine what happens in the government and
give the government its power

Limited government

the government only can have the powers that the
Constitution gives it.

Separation of Powers

the power of the government is divided among 3 branches
with no one branch having complete control.

Checks and Balances

each branch of government has the power to check or limit
the powers of the other.


the division of power between the national government and state
governments. Each has its own power.


citizens elect representatives to carry out their will in government.

Individual Rights

the Constitution protects rights like freedom of speech

Great Compromise

at the Constitutional Convention , created the House of Representatives based on state population and the Senate where each state gets 2 representatives

3/5 Compromise

at the Constitutional Convention, 3/5 of the total number of slaves would count in a state's population, slave trade would end in 1807

Virgina Plan

at the Constitutional Convention, proposed by large states, said states number of representatives in legislative branch would be based on state population

New Jersey Plan

at the Constitutional Convention, proposed by small states, said each state would have equal number of representatives in the legislative branch

Articles of Confederation

the USA's first form of government. No judicial branch or president, 9 out of 13 states had to approve everything, no power to tax

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