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chapter 8

Chapter 8 Terms
a method of conflict resolution that uses a neutral third party to make a binding decision
civil law
a complete set of rules enacted as a single written system or code
common law
a legal system that relies on the accumulation of decisions made in prior cases
a legally enforceable agreement between two or more persons either to do or not to do a certain thing or things
a legal right that protects the original works of authors, music composers, playwrights, artists, and publishers
intellectual property
the technical knowledge or creative work that an individual or company has developed
International Court of Justice
a court that settles disputes between nations when both nations request that it do so and also advises the United Nations on matters of international law
a broad legal term referring to almost every kind of responsibility, duty, or obligation
a lawsuit brought about to enforce the rights of a person or an organization or to seek a remedy to the violation of their rights
a dispute resolution method that makes use of a neutral third party
the failure of a responsible party to follow standards of due care
the grant of an exclusive right of an inventor to make, sell, and use a product or process
product liability
specific responsibility that both manufacturers and sellers have for the safety of their products
everything that can be owned
property rights
exclusive rights to possess and use property and its profits, to exclude everyone else from interfering with it, and to dispose of it in any legal way
laws that have been enacted by a body of lawmakers
strict liability
responsibility on a manufacturer or seller for intentionally causing injury to another
a distinctive name, symbol, word, picture, or combination of these that is used by a business to identify its services or products