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To care forTo likeTo catch one´s eyeTo attract one´s attentionTo catch upTo go fast enough or do enough so as not to be behindCoffee breakA short recess from work during which workers rest and drink coffee or other beveragesTo come upTo approach or come closeTo die downTo subside, to lessenTo do one's bestTo try very hardDown in the dumpsSad, depressedA dragA bother, an annoyanceTo drop offTo take someone or something part of the way you are going, to leave something or someone at a place that is on your way to somewhere elseEnd of one´s ropeEnd of one´s ability to cope or tryTo fall throughTo failFed up withTired of , annoyed withFill outTo completeTo gear upTo get started or get goingTo get a hold ofTo contactTo get alongTo live or work together in a friendly way, to cooperate, to agreeTo get an early startTo begin earlyTo get intoTo become involved or interested inTo get off the groundTo make a successful beginning