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A medieval economic, social, and political system based on the manner (an estate ruled by a lord who enjoyed a variety of rights over land and tenants).

Map Projections

The transfer of shape of land and water bodies, along with a global grid, from a globe to a flat map.


Exists whenever buyers and sellers exchange good and services.

Market Economy

A system in which buyers and sellers make major decisions about production and distribution and distribution, based on supply and demand.

Martial Law

Temporary rule by military authorities over civilians, as during a war, occupation, or insurrection.


A large sprawled urban complex

Mental Maps

The mental image a person has of an area.


An economic system developed in Europe as feudalism died out, intended to unify and increase the power and monetary wealth of a nation by strict governmental regulation of the entire economy.


The movement of people or other organisms from one region to another.


A policy of agressive military preparedness.


Government by a King, Queen Emperor, or Empress.


Belief in a single God.


Of, relating to, or characterized by the doctrine that there is but One God.


The interaction of people, goods, ideas, or natural phenomena from different places.

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