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When was the battalion originally organized?
January and february 1918
What was the organization originally called?
Machine shop truck unit #348 and #343
Where was it first located?
Fort sam houston and camp meigs, washington DC
Where was the unit first assigned?
The 2d division on april 8, 1920; and became a part of the 2nd division trains, quartermaster corps, in 1921 as the motor repair section #3
After wwii what did the organization become known as and in what year?
702nd ordinance battalion in 1953
What units were it's subordinate companies activated with?
With the 2ID
What did the battalion become active with in 1954
The korean conflict
What did the battalion's name change to in 2007?
702nd (main support battalion) was reorganized under 210th fires brigade as a brigade support battalion
The bsb designed and were the first wearers of what?
The 2ID indian head patch
What does the battalion's proud salute exemplify?
Their total dedication to combat readiness and protecting freedoms frontier in the republic of korea.
What does the unit insignia consists of?
Gold color metal and the motto "vis per sustentationem" or strength through support