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  1. chastise
  2. heinous
  3. duplicity
  4. abate
  5. balk
  1. a (v) to lessen in violence or intensity
  2. b (adj) hatefully or shockingly evil
  3. c (n) intentional deceit in speech or conduct
  4. d
    (v) to refuse stubbornly or abruptly; to stop short and refuse to go on
  5. e (v) to punish severely

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  1. (n) the whole range or extent
  2. (adj) not easily understood; hard to fathom
  3. (n) a beginner; one who is inexperienced
  4. (adj) clearly and openly stated; leaving nothing to the imagination
  5. (adj) faultless; without sin or blemish

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  1. enunciate(v) to rise and fall; to vary irregularly


  2. frowzy(adj) unkempt; slovenly in appearance


  3. lexicon(n) a dictionary; a specialized vocabulary used in a particular field or place


  4. barrister
    (n)lawyer (British)


  5. magnanimous(adj) destructive; deadly