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  1. deprecate
  2. naive
  3. affable
  4. enunciate
  5. explicit
  1. a (adj) clearly and openly stated; leaving nothing to the imagination
  2. b (adj) simple in outlook; not affected or worldly; especially innocent
  3. c (v)to express disapproval of
  4. d (v) to state clearly and distinctly; to pronounce
  5. e (adj) friendly; agreeable; easy to talk to

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  1. (adj) friendly; amiable
  2. (adj) concerning farms, farmers, or the use of land
  3. (adj) commonplace; earthly and not spiritual
  4. (adj) arousing fear or awe
  5. (n) a particular shade of a given color

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  1. expound(v) to explain in detail; to clarify


  2. contrite(adj) feeling regret for having committed some wrongdoing


  3. dolorous(adj) exhibiting sorrow or pain


  4. culinary(n) absence of vanity; humbleness


  5. gadfly(n) an irritating and persistent person


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