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  1. amicable
  2. inscrutable
  3. exult
  4. galvanize
  5. culinary
  1. a
    (adj) having to do with the kitchen or cooking
  2. b (v) to startle into sudden activity
  3. c (adj) not easily understood; hard to fathom
  4. d (adj) friendly; peaceable
  5. e (v) to rejoice; to feel triumphant

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  1. (n) one who is outgoing; one who is energized rather than drained by interactions with others
  2. (adj) reasonable; capable of being carried out

  3. (n)lawyer (British)
  4. (n) absence of vanity; humbleness
  5. (n) conformity to accepted standards of conduct; proper behavior

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  1. latent(adj) present, but not active; hidden


  2. hoax(v) to urge on with stirring words


  3. myriad(n) lightness of disposition; lack of seriousness


  4. adulation(n) excessive praise or admiration


  5. formidable(adj) friendly; agreeable; easy to talk to