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  1. amicable
  2. ominous
  3. gargantuan
  4. magnanimous
  5. epistle
  1. a (adj) noble; generous in forgiving; free from petty feelings or acts
  2. b (adj) friendly; peaceable
  3. c
    (adj) threatening; foreboding evil
  4. d (adj) of huge or extraordinary size and power
  5. e
    (n) a letter or literary composition in letter form

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  1. (v) to demonstrate clearly; to prove
  2. (adj) thrifty; economical in money matters

  3. (n)lawyer (British)
  4. (v) to state clearly and distinctly; to pronounce
  5. (adj) indecent; humorously obscene

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  1. affable(adj) friendly; agreeable; easy to talk to


  2. droll
    (adj) amusing in an odd or whimsical way


  3. latent(adj) present, but not active; hidden


  4. lexicon(adj) hatefully or shockingly evil


  5. expatriate
    (n) a letter or literary composition in letter form