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  1. impound
  2. expedient
  3. pernicious
  4. evoke
  5. amicable
  1. a (adj) destructive; deadly
  2. b ( v) to confine; to retain in legal custody
  3. c (adj) friendly; peaceable
  4. d (adj) practical; providing an immediate advantage
  5. e (v)to summon forth

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  1. (v) to annoy or harass
  2. (n) excessive praise or admiration
  3. (adj) exhibiting sorrow or pain
  4. (v) to startle into sudden activity
  5. (n) a long, strongly expressed speech or lecture/ Syn: tirade

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  1. grimace(adj) without sense or meaning; silly


  2. frugal(adj) thrifty; economical in money matters


  3. enhance(v) to increase the value or beauty of something


  4. levity(adj) friendly; amiable


  5. austere(v) to lessen in violence or intensity