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Regional Groups

Where was the Ottoman Empire Located? Original location and expansion.
Originally, the Ottoman Empire was parts of modern-day Greece and Turkey. After expansion, it included parts of eastern Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa. It was on the Balkan Peninsula, parts of Arabian Peninsula, and the Anatolia Peninsula (Asia Minor).
What was the capital of the Ottoman Empire? What was this city originally called?
Constantinople was captured successfully and renamed Istanbul as its capitol.
What religion did the Ottomans practice?
The Ottomans were mostly Islam, but the sultan allowed captured (Christians and Jews) groups to practice their faith in groups called millets. The religion unified the Ottomans because of the many ethnic groups.
What did the Ottoman Empire trade?
The Empire traded silk and spice over ports through sea trade. But unique to the Empire, they traded Turkey Coffee, which was very strong, and they had beautiful ceramics!!
How did the Ottoman Empire affect Europeans?
The Ottomans affected the Europeans through trade (blocked the trade route to India --> beginning of exploration) and conquest.
Where was the Mughal Empire located?
It was originally located in Northern India at the base of the Himalaya Mountains. It spread through the greater part of India.
What religion did the Mughals bring to India?
They brought Islam to India, however the religion was a mix of the native Hinduism and the new Islamic religion.
What was the most famous work of architecture they built in India?
The Taj Mahal is the most famous building in India.
Who built this and why?
Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal as a tomb for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Was originally supposed to be married with her, but he was captured and enslave and later killed. He was buried across the river from her.
What European nations set up trading posts in India?
The Portuguese, Dutch, and British set up trading posts in India. They wanted spices, saffron, cotton, silk, and gems.
How did European traders influence China?
Portuguese traders not only brought new goods to trading ports on the coast in China, but the Christian faith, knowledge of astronomy, and became people of economic, political, and spiritual power.
What products did Europeans want from China?
The Europeans wanted tea, porcelain, and silk from China. Porcelain = in England it is called China, in China, it is called porcelain.
In China, who tried to control trade to make it more favorable for the Chinese?
The emperor tried to control the trade, by creating certain ports to trade, that the British could only trade in!!
What is a shogun?
The chief military and governmental officer in feudal Japan. He has more power than the emperor. People followed him, called shogunates, and emperor was only a figurehead.
What is isolation?
Isolation is when Japan tried to focus on only Japan and ignore all contact with the outside world.
Why did the Japanese favor a policy of Isolationism?
The Japanese don't want people to come to their country because they don't want their culture to be changed by the Europeans because they think their culture is the best. They didn't want missionaries to come in and convert them to Christianity.
Typically, what religions did people practice in Japan?
People practiced Shintoism and Buddhism.