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When inspecting free weights, make sure to check the __________.

weight collars

Which of the following choices are important characteristics for fitness center staff?

all of the above

Before operating any fitness equipment, a good first step is reading the user's manual.


One common type of maintenance for all exercise equipment is the periodic tightening of nuts and bolts.


Before purchasing home gym equipment, it's important to assess your dedication to its use.


Which of the following are common maintenance procedures for home fitness equipment?

all of the above

An advantage of treadmills and stair steppers is that they are designed for one adult regardless of weight.


Identify the factor that will most likely influence your ability to work out at your fitness center frequently.

location within 15 minutes of home or work

Ideally, your fitness center should be within 15 minutes of your home or job.


There's no need to check with the Better Business Bureau for the selection of a gym because they don't keep records for fitness centers.


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