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Game Maker Basics


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A graphic that is designed to be part of a larger scene. It's usually an animated graphic. If our game was a play, these would be the costumes the characters wear.
If our game was a play, these are the characters who play their parts. It is where all the programming takes place.
Music and special effects.
If our game was a play, this would be the stage scenes.
If our game was a play, this would be the stage. It is where the game takes place.
A place to store and use data values.
A object with no sprite that runs in the background to do work for the game, like handling the quit key or displaying the score.
step event
An very useful event that runs 30 times a second.
draw event
A special event that runs 30 times a second to display the results of draw actions.
An action that triggers something to happen. Examples include key presses, mouse clicks, timers, collisions, objects level the room.
A block programmed to perform a specific action, such as jumping, moving, setting the score, bouncing off the wall, or quitting the game.
test chance
A special control action the creates random actions that only happen once in a some number-sided dice.
test instance count
A special control action that can check the number of instances of an object.
An object setting the determines which objects get displayed above or below other objects on the screen.
Where objects come in contact with each other. If our game was a play, this would be the conflict.