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Story-teller: Why was the bachelor's story so successful in keeping children occupied?

The bachelor's story was successful because his had lots of detail, it was creative, and was different from typical stories

Story-teller: Who were the three story-tellers?

The three story-tellers are the aunt, the bachelor, and the author of the story(Saki)

Rain, rain go away: What is the conflict, rising action, climax, and resolution?

conflict- Mrs.Wright is wondering why the Sakkarows are acting so strangely
rising action-Mrs.Wright talks to Mr.Wright about the Sakkorows, Mrs.Wright goes to visit the Sakkorows, and the families go to Murphy's park
climax-it rains
falling action-the Sakkorows melted
resolution-the Sakkorows were made out of sugar

Accounts Settled: What was one type of conflict from the story and give an example from the story?

man against nature, one example is that he has to try to defeat the cougar and the porcupine helps him do it

Retrieved Reformation: Why was it ironic that Jimmy fell in love with Annabel Adams?

It was ironic because Annabel's father is a bank owner and Jimmy happens to be a bank robber

Rule of names: What were the two rule of names?

The two rule of names were to never tell anyone your name and never ask anyone his/her name

Rule of names: why was Mr.Underhill able to defeat Blackbeard(talk about true form)

because Mr.Underhill's true form is actually a dragon and the dragon is way more powerful than Blackbeard, The Sea Lord of Pendor

Charles: name 1 example of Charle's poor behavior at school

at school, Charles hit the teacher because he didnt want to color with a red crayon

Charles: name 1 example of Lauries poor behavior at home

Laurie calls his dad an old dust mop at home in the story

Charles: who is the narrator in the story?

Laurie's mother

House Guest: Where is Bridgie from(be specific)?

Belfast, Northern Ireland

House Guest: What kind of life did she have there, give one example about her life

she had a life where there was lots of wars going on
one example of this is that every time she hears cars backfire she stiffens because it reminds her of the war sounds in Northern Ireland

House Guest: What was Bridgie's secret project and why was she doing what she did?

Her secret project was making dog collars for all the dogs without a home, she was doing this because she thought that if the dogs had collars than the people that found the dogs would take them in

Raymond's Run- How did sqeaky's attitude change about Gretchen from the beginning of the story to the end?

Squeaky used to think that Gretchen was just like one of the other girls that was no good at running and she disliked her for that but at the end of the story she sees that Gretchen is good at running and deciedes that she likes Gretchen because she wasnt who she thought she was

Raymond's Run: explain the title of the story

The story was called Raymon's Run because Raymon's talent was discovered(running)

What stumped the Blue Jays: name 2 ways that Blue Jays are special

Blue Jays are special because they have good grammar and have lots of moods and different kinds of feelings than any other creature

What stumped the Blue Jays: What stumped the Blue Jays?

The Blue-Jay thought that he was filling up a bird house but he was actually filling up a human house

What stumped the Blue Jays: What didn't the Blue Jays know about the hole in the roof?

they didnt know that the hole was a hole in the house and not a hole in a birdhouse

The Day I got Lost: Give one adj. that decribes Schemiel and give one example to describe the adj.

one adj. is forgetful and one example is that in the story it says that Schemiel has been teaching in the same university for many years and he still has difficulty locating his classrooms

Land and the Water: What did the land and water represent to the girl?

The land represents life and the water represents death

Land and the Water: What did the girl learn about nature?

she learned that the forces of nauire can be deadly

Crime on Mars: How did time affect Danny's plan to steal the siren goddess?

it affects his plan because Danny thought it was Sunday but it is actually Saturday in Meridian East due to the International Date Line

Crime on Mars: give 2 reasons of why there was so little crime on mars

There is little crime because there is nothing worth stealing on Mars and there would be no place for the theif to hide

Tell tale Heart: EXACTLY how did the heart make him tell the tale of what he did?

The narrator hears the heart beating and thinks that the police hear it beating too. And because they are "acting" like they dont hear the heart the narrator thinks they are mocking him so he confesses to release himself from the agony of the beating heart

Ninny: Why doesn't Yulia protest when her employer is subtracting money from her pay?

Yulia doesn't protest because it was really hard to find a job that gave good pay

Ninny: What lesson was Yulia's employer trying to teach her?

her employer is trying to teach her that she has to be strong

6 rows of pompons: Give 2 reasons why Uncle gave Tatsuo 6 rows of pompons to care for?

Uncle gives Tatsuo the pompons so that Tatsuo will be productivly occupied and so he can learn about responsibility

Thank you M'am: Why will Roger always remember Mrs. Jones?

Because Roger tryed to steal her purse and when he failed in doing so, he thought she was going to tell the cops and get him jailed but she responded to his action by giving him money, food, and being kind to him

Medicine Bage: give 2 reasons why Grandpa come to visit his family

Grandpa comes to visit his family because he was lonely after Martin's family left and he wanted to give Martin the medicine bag

Medicine Bag: What was the theme of the story?

the theme is that it is important to be proud of your culture and maintain your culture

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