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list of SAT vocabulary with letter "a"


n. high praise
ex. The "" given by the people when the prince returned showed their love for him.


n. high praise, special distinction
ex. The play received ""s from the press in the local newspaper.


adj. obliging, polite, helpful
ex. When I need help on my homework teachers are very "".


n. an agreement
ex. When delegating issues the United Nations doesn't stop until an "" is reached.


v. to confront verbally
ex. The woman raising funds ""ed me for a donation.


n. slow growth in size or amount
ex. The "" of people who listen to classical music has gone down in modern times.


adj. bitter in taste
ex. The "" taste of lemons makes me cringe.


v. to agree without protesting
ex. Sometimes when working with partners I have the habit to "" to their ideas.


n. bitterness, discord
ex. The lawyer attacked with great "".


n. keen insight
ex. Mr. Cullen appreciates "" when students are doing problems in his class.


adj. sharp, severe
ex. The woman told the doctor that the pain in her knee was "".


adj. impervious, immovable
ex. She was "" about her ingredients when I said that I wanted to change the recipe.


adj. extremely skilled
The wood showed signs of an "" craftsmen.


n. to stick to something, to follow devoutly
Orthodox Jews "" to the Torrah.


v. to criticize, caution
My mom ""ed me about not doing my chores.


v. to decorate
We ""ed our Christmas tree with our family ornaments.


adj. skillful, dexterous
Lindsey Vonn is an "" skier.


n. extreme praise
He received much "" from his family for being the first to finish college.


v. to sketch out in a vague way
Mrs. Beplar told the class to "" the scene before painting.


adj. antagonistic, unfavorable, dangerous
The boss was known for his "" criticism.

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