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what is the abbreviation for an x-ray of the renal pelvis and urinary tract after injecting dye into a vein?

I V P (intravenous pyelogram)

what best describes an MRI

sagittal, frontal, and cross sectional images are produced using magnetic and radiowaves

what best describes a barium enema?

metallic powder is introduced to the large intestine and x-rays are taken

what is true of a radiopaque substance?

absorbs most of the x-rays it is exposed to

medical term of an x-ray to show an organ in depth


what best characterizes a CT scan?

uses ionizing x-rays and a computer to produce a transverse image of the body organs


obstructing the passage of x-rays


permitting the passage of x-rays


aids physicians in performing ultrasound procedures


radioactive element that gives off energy in the form of radiation


radioactive drug that is administered for diagnostic purposes


transformation of stable subsatnces into charged particles


a physician who specializes in diagnostic radiology

medical term for a lateral curvature of the spine.


medical term for a bone that is normally in contact with a joint but becomes separated from that joint causing loss of joint function.


medical term for an infection in a bone, which can lead to abscess formation and sequestrum if not properly cared for?


a tick-carred bacteria causes__?__, which is characterized by symtoms of arthritis, malaise, myalgia, and cardiovascular signs.

lyme disease

chronic, progressive, inflammatory disease of bones and joints caused by degenerative changes in the cartilage


medical term for inflammation of the joints caused by the excessive uric acid levels in the blood and joints

gouty arthritis

medical term for a benign growth filled with jellylike substance. it commonly develops on the of the wrist and may be caused by repetitive injury.


medical term for a surgical procedure necessary because of peripheral vascular disease and consequent gangrene. trauma, malignancy, or congenital defects are additional reasons.


medical term for an unpleasant sensation or complication that sometimes follows the removal of an appendage.

phantom limb

the supporting element or "glue" in the connective tissue is


a strong, tough strand or cord of dense connective tissue that serves as attachment for muscle to bone is


tough, dense, fibrous bands of connective tissue that holds bones together is called


how many bones are there on the skeletal system?


are muscles classified as either voluntary or involuntary?

yes (both)

is a fracture the same as a broken bone?


is the complete skeleton formed by the end of the third month of gesttation?


impacted fracture

bone is fractured, and one end is wedged into the end of the adjoining bone

compression fracture

bone is fractured by pressure from another bone

simple fracture

bone is broken without an open wound to the skin

comminuted fracture

bone is splinterd or crushed

pathologic fracture

bone is fractured as a result of disease

_____ procedure is one that is performed independently of, and not immediately related to another service


the divisions of the radiotion oncology section of the cpt manual are devided into subsections based on what?

type of service

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