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Catalogs were founded
1872; montgomery ward
a list of goods and services on sale with their description and price published as a printed or electronic document
drivers of the catalog business
-homestead act of 1862
-classification of mail order to receive special postal rates
-rural free delivery
-the guarentee
examples of an early catalog
sears; 1888, jcpenny; 1963
uses of the catalog today
-putting the experience or store in the hands of the consumer or prospect
-offer an alternative to cold, single, sense online or mobile experience
-inspiration board?
benefits of catalog
-lower investment in physical store
-lower investment in inventory
-sent to consumer
-no need to figure out where to put the merchandise
A good catalog experience
immersive, multisensory, inspiring, call to action
two stories to tell about a catalog
catalog as a thought process, catalogs as a channel
Elements that the catalog invented
customer reviews, club or loyalty program, project presentation
catalog showrooms
large warehouses where you could browse examples, place and order, pay and then pick up your merchandise
Three components to making money
products, the book, customer database