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ch 17 - Mnt. Windstorms and CO Chinooks

Mountain downslope winds and windstorms (3)
1) Winds are blowing from the top of the mountain to the valley - hence downslope
2) winds adiabatically compress, dry , and warm
3) winds can exceed hurrican force (greater than or equal to 75 mph)
-east slope of the Rockies including Boulder and Denver
former Yugoslavia
santa ana
southern california
new zealand
chinooks occur?
Nov. - Mar. on east slope of Rockies out to about I-25
chinook wind gusts
can exceed 115 mph
chinook wall cloud
base of wall cloud is where the air is warmed about the dew point temperature
chinook winds always warm through...
adiabatic compressions
Bora wind happens if chinook wind...
is colder than existing surface temperatures before the Chinook
Trapped Lee Waves
-inversion layers east of Rockies
-wind is trapped in inversion layers
-lenticular clouds and rotors
Chinook in Boulder
-jan 16-17
-wind gusts 130mph
- winds went from 100 - 10mph and back in 1 min
- trucks, cars, aircraft, headaches, etc
Chinook in Rapid City
-ST =4 degrees
-rose from 4-54F
Santa Ana Winds
- Downslope winds from Sonoran desert Plateau
- sept to april
- spread wilfires