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  1. radi
  2. foli
  3. oo
  4. vermi
  5. multi
  1. a ray radiation, radian, radial, radiolarian, radiance, irradiate Latin
  2. b worm vermin, vermicelli, vermicide, vermivorous Latin
  3. c leaf folio, foliolate, bifoliolate, foliation, defoliate, portfolio, folium Latin
  4. d many multifarious, multitudinous, multilateral, multiped, multiply Latin
  5. e egg oophyte, oocyte, oology, oogenesis, oogonium, oophorectomy, oospore Greek

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  1. mouth osculum, osculation, osculant, osculate Latin
  2. line linear, delineate, lineation, lineal, rectilinear, lineage Latin
  3. in place of vice versa, vice president, vice consul, viceroy, vice-regent Latin
  4. sleep narcotic, narcolepsy, narcotine, narcotism Greek
  5. fire ignite, igneous, ignis fatuus, ignition, reignite, ignescent, ignitron Latin

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  1. lachrycircle orbit, exorbitant, orbital, orbicular, orbital decay, supraorbital Latin


  2. lignwood lignite, lignify, ligneous, lignocellulose Latin


  3. dendrcarry convection, vector, invective, vectorial Latin


  4. plasmform cytoplasm, endoplasm, ectoplasm, plasma, plasmodium Greek


  5. hemihalf hemisphere, hemialgia, hemiplegia, hemipterous, hemicrania Greek