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  1. Saliva Types
  2. Diverticulosis
  3. Glycogenesis
  4. Valves
  5. Gastric Emptying Slowed by?
  1. a Sphincters; prevent back-flow (influenced by nervous system).
  2. b (Anabolism/build up)Glucose to glycogen
  3. c *High CHO, osmolality, protein/amino acids & low pH
  4. d *Watery-dissolve Food
    *Mucus-makes food stick together
    *Salivary amylase-begins starch digestion in mouth
  5. e Abnormal side pockets in the intestinal wall;
    High fiber diet decreases formation,

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  1. 1. Semi-liquid & contains ~50% water

    2. Process:
    *Food remain in stomach about 0.5-2hr
    *Gastric juice (mucus, HCL)=2000-2500 mL/d

    3. Food Leaves:
    *CHO:protein;lipid(takes the longest)

    4. Stomach emptied in 1-4 hr
    *Strenuous Exercise may delay gastric emptying by decreased blood flow
    *Lipid & protein delay gastric emptying
  2. the volume of oxygen that is absorbed by the body per minute and supplied to the tissues, it's abbreviation is?
  3. *Folds
    *Microvilli-Expand absorptive suface
  4. Hard, dry, infrequent stools
    Reduced by high fiber, fluid intake, exercise
  5. Fat yield twice the amt of energy (per unit wt) as proteins or carbs.

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  1. The transfer of heat by air currents. i.e. air conditionerPyruvic Acid


  2. The heat loss thru skin is called?
    Bruni's Note:Rubbing alcohol on skin cools a person down when fever is present,(This practice is dangerous per internet research, and should not be used)


  3. Does Electrolyte need to be replaced during exercise?No, loss is minimal


  4. Metabolic Rate*Nutrients absorbed from the digestive tract are used for all the body's cellular activities; Catabolism & Anabolism.

    *Glucose is the main energy source for body cells, the building blocks of fats & protein may metabolize for energy.


  5. What regulates Heat Loss from the skin?Dilation & Constriction of superficial blood vessels.


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