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  1. The heat loss thru skin is called?
    Bruni's Note:Rubbing alcohol on skin cools a person down when fever is present,(This practice is dangerous per internet research, and should not be used)
  2. When at rest.
  3. Synthesis
  4. Feces
  5. Intestinal absorption of water is increased when?
  1. a CHO(carbohydrate)is present
  2. b Amino acids to proteins, glucose to starch
  3. c Abdominal organs produce most of the body heat when?
  4. d Evaporation
  5. e Contains:
    *some water
    *dead mucosal cells
    *non-absorbed remains of digestion

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  1. Hard, dry, infrequent stools
    Reduced by high fiber, fluid intake, exercise
  2. (Anabolism/build up)Glucose to glycogen
  3. *Large Intestine (5ft long) (cecum, Colon, Rectum)
    *Site of Water, Salt, Vit absorpt
    *Only no nutrition left, only waste (cellulose pectins, pentosans,oth)
    *Protein Balance
  4. Sphincters; prevent back-flow (influenced by nervous system).
  5. What is Inorganic substances necessary for body functions. i.e. muscle contraction Essential to health?

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  1. the direct transfer of heat from one substance to another substance that it is touching. i.e. ice pack, touching hot tea cupConduction


  2. Gastric Emptying Slowed by?*High CHO, osmolality, protein/amino acids & low pH


  3. Working muscles produce?Large amounts of heat.


  4. GlycogenolysisBroken down(Catabolism), known as glycolysis, occurs in the Cytoplasm in the Anaerobic. Produces +2 ATP molecules.


  5. Absorptive Mechanisms*Passive diffusion
    *Facilitated diffusion
    *Active transport