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  1. Digestion is affected by:
  2. Essential amino acids
  3. Glycogenesis
  4. Heat Production
  5. Energy Contents yield?
  1. a *Byproduct of cellular respiration
    * Tissues generate more ATP produce more heat
    *Influenced by hormones (thyroxine & epinephrine)
    *Influenced by exercise & digestion
  2. b (Anabolism/build up)Glucose to glycogen
  3. c *Mild exercise- enhances digestive
    *Violent exercise- inhibits digestion
    *Fluid speeds digestion
  4. d Fat yield twice the amt of energy (per unit wt) as proteins or carbs.
  5. e (and essential fatty acids), Amino acids that are needed, but cannot be made by the body; they must be eatin in foods.
    * Nine of the twenty amino acids that are essential nutrients: lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan, leucine, isoleucine, valine, phenylalanine, and histidine

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  1. *Surface of Skin
    *Second, thru expiration of air
    *Elimination of urine & Feces
  2. *duodenum
  3. Helps maintain a constant body temp. by balancing the amt of heat lost w/the heat produced.
    *Increased Sweat Production
    *Epinephrine Production
  4. Dilation & Constriction of superficial blood vessels.
  5. *Large Intestine (5ft long) (cecum, Colon, Rectum)
    *Site of Water, Salt, Vit absorpt
    *Only no nutrition left, only waste (cellulose pectins, pentosans,oth)
    *Protein Balance

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  1. ConstipationAmino acids to proteins, glucose to starch


  2. SynthesisAmino acids to proteins, glucose to starch


  3. Stomach DigestionHard, dry, infrequent stools
    Reduced by high fiber, fluid intake, exercise


  4. Absorption in Small Intestines takes place thru?*Pores; carriers; pumps; pinocytosis (drinking in)
    * Not just a process of diffusion
    *Active "shuttle" transport
    *Are selective
    *Carriers are specific
    *Take energy (kCal) for digestion; Dietary induced thermagenesis


  5. The heat loss thru skin is called?
    Bruni's Note:Rubbing alcohol on skin cools a person down when fever is present,(This practice is dangerous per internet research, and should not be used)