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  1. Working muscles produce?
  2. Glycogenesis
  3. Does Electrolyte need to be replaced during exercise?
  4. Feces
  5. Constipation
  1. a No, loss is minimal
  2. b (Anabolism/build up)Glucose to glycogen
  3. c Contains:
    *some water
    *dead mucosal cells
    *non-absorbed remains of digestion
  4. d Hard, dry, infrequent stools
    Reduced by high fiber, fluid intake, exercise
  5. e Large amounts of heat.

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  1. Conduction
  2. Regulate GI activity
    *Local system of nerves
    *Central Nervous System
  3. Fat yield twice the amt of energy (per unit wt) as proteins or carbs.
  4. *Pores; carriers; pumps; pinocytosis (drinking in)
    * Not just a process of diffusion
    *Active "shuttle" transport
    *Are selective
    *Carriers are specific
    *Take energy (kCal) for digestion; Dietary induced thermagenesis
  5. *Mild exercise- enhances digestive
    *Violent exercise- inhibits digestion
    *Fluid speeds digestion

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  1. DiverticulitisAbnormal side pockets in the intestinal wall;
    High fiber diet decreases formation,


  2. Increases or decreases GI activity are controlled by what system?CHO(carbohydrate)is present


  3. Synthesis(Anabolism/build up)Glucose to glycogen


  4. What is an organic substances(can contain minerals) and Essential to health?Vitamins


  5. Metabolic Rate*Amount of energy generated from nutrients in a given period.
    *Varies per individual