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  1. VO2
  2. Saliva Types
  3. Glycogen breaks down (Catabolism) to?
  4. Minerals
  5. Hypothalamus
  1. a the volume of oxygen that is absorbed by the body per minute and supplied to the tissues, it's abbreviation is?
  2. b Helps maintain a constant body temp. by balancing the amt of heat lost w/the heat produced.
    *Increased Sweat Production
    *Epinephrine Production
  3. c *Watery-dissolve Food
    *Mucus-makes food stick together
    *Salivary amylase-begins starch digestion in mouth
  4. d What is Inorganic substances necessary for body functions. i.e. muscle contraction Essential to health?
  5. e Glucose

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  1. Average meal reaches duodenum in how many hrs?
  2. Large amounts of heat.
  3. *Slows at exercise intensities >70-80% VO2 max
    *Same rate at rest/exercise intensities <70% VO2 max
    *Affected by persons fitness & the more fit, the less exercise affects it
    *Not affected by exercise duration
    *Affected differently by different types of activities.
    *Maximal rates 0f 1-1.2 L/hr with gastric volumes of 100-200 mL
  4. *Parotid

    1.5 Liters
  5. Carb-> Glycogen->glucose ->glycogen

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  1. DiverticulosisInflammation of abnormal side pockets in the intestinal wall.


  2. Stomach Digestion1. Semi-liquid & contains ~50% water

    2. Process:
    *Food remain in stomach about 0.5-2hr
    *Gastric juice (mucus, HCL)=2000-2500 mL/d

    3. Food Leaves:
    *CHO:protein;lipid(takes the longest)

    4. Stomach emptied in 1-4 hr
    *Strenuous Exercise may delay gastric emptying by decreased blood flow
    *Lipid & protein delay gastric emptying


  3. Glycogenolysis(Anabolism/build up)Glucose to glycogen


  4. What is an organic substances(can contain minerals) and Essential to health?CHO(carbohydrate)is present


  5. ChymeWell liquefied mass in stomach ->(pylorus)