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  1. Chyme
  2. Minerals
  3. Increases or decreases GI activity are controlled by what system?
  4. What is produced by Organic acid?
  5. Valves
  1. a Hormonal System
  2. b Pyruvic Acid
  3. c Well liquefied mass in stomach ->(pylorus)
  4. d Sphincters; prevent back-flow (influenced by nervous system).
  5. e What is Inorganic substances necessary for body functions. i.e. muscle contraction Essential to health?

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  1. Conduction
  2. *Parotid

    1.5 Liters
  3. No, loss is minimal
  4. the volume of oxygen that is absorbed by the body per minute and supplied to the tissues, it's abbreviation is?
  5. 1. Semi-liquid & contains ~50% water

    2. Process:
    *Food remain in stomach about 0.5-2hr
    *Gastric juice (mucus, HCL)=2000-2500 mL/d

    3. Food Leaves:
    *CHO:protein;lipid(takes the longest)

    4. Stomach emptied in 1-4 hr
    *Strenuous Exercise may delay gastric emptying by decreased blood flow
    *Lipid & protein delay gastric emptying

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  1. DiarrheaLoose, watery, frequent stools
    Symptoms of diseases/infections
    Can cause dehydration


  2. Fat-soluble nutrient go into?
    (lacteals are lymph digest system)


  3. Glucose Metabolism*Nutrients absorbed from the digestive tract are used for all the body's cellular activities; Catabolism & Anabolism.

    *Glucose is the main energy source for body cells, the building blocks of fats & protein may metabolize for energy.


  4. DiverticulosisAbnormal side pockets in the intestinal wall;
    High fiber diet decreases formation,


  5. How is Heat Primarily Dissipated?(and essential fatty acids), Amino acids that are needed, but cannot be made by the body; they must be eatin in foods.
    * Nine of the twenty amino acids that are essential nutrients: lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan, leucine, isoleucine, valine, phenylalanine, and histidine


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