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Spanish 4A Trivia Tuesday


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When do Mexicans celebrate the anniversary of the Batalla de Puebla?
May 5
What monarchs paid for Columbus' trip?
Fernando and Isabel
Name Columbus' 3 ships?
la nina, la Pinta, la Santa Maria
In what region of Spain did flamenco originate?
Why do Spaniards eat 12 grapes at midnight on December 31?
For good luck
What other country shares the Iberian Peninsula with Spain?
What is a paella?
Spanish dish of rice with chicken, vegetables, seafood
What painter is considered both French and Spanish?
Pablo Picasso
What is mestizo?
a person of mixed Spanish and Indian blood
Who was the Mexican leader at; the Alamo?
Santa Anna
What general became the dictator of Spain after the civil war?
Francisco Franco
In what year did the Spanish Civil War start?
What sick child became the conqueror of Mexico?
Hernan Cortes
What is a tortilla espanola?
omelet with potato and onion
El Dia de los Inocentes is similar to which American day?
April Fool's day
What musical instruments played by hand accompany many Spanish dances?
The bear and the tree are symbols of what Spanish city?
When do Spanish children receive Christmas gifts?
January 6
Who is the national hero of Spain?
el Cid
What 2 food are most common in the Mexican diet?
rice and beans
What is the capital of Costa Rica?
San Jose
What is the significance of kilometro zero?
All distances in Spain are measured from here
What is the name of the most faous soccer team in Spain ?
Real Madrid
What is the capital of El Salvador?
San Salvador
What is the most famous novel of Cervantes?
Don Quizote de la Mancha
When is the la Semana Santa in Spain?
the week before Easter
From what country is the famous Evita Peron?
What is the name of the game of pelota from the basque country of Spain?
jai alai
What was the profession of El Cordobes?
bull fighter
What is a bocadillo?
a Sandwich
What are the 3 countries that border Mexico?
The USA, Guatemala and Belize
Who was the dictator of Spain during the 2nd World War?
Francisco Franco
What did Vasco Nunez de Bilboa discover?
the Pacific Ocean
What is the main ingredient in Guacamole?
Who were the first to incorporate arches in architecture?
the moors
Is it cheaper to sit in the sun or the shade at a bull fight?
the sun
Who wears a traje de luces?
a matador
What is the name of the lake that is between Peru and Bolivia?
Where is the tango from?
What strange ingredient is in mole poblano sauce?
What is the capital of Nicaragua?
What metal is mined near Tazco, Mexico?
What type of oil is used in Spanish cooking?
Olive Oil
From what civilization is the ancient city of Tikal?
Who wrote "Don Quizote de la Mancha"?
Miguel de Cervantes
Who is the Robin Hood of Mexico?
Pancha Villa
When is la Noche Vieja?
December 31
On what was the aztec city of Tenochtitlan constructed?
a Lake
What is the shape of un Ojo de Dios?
a diamond
What animal did the Spaniards bring to the Americans?