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andar como perro sin pulga
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Protection of threatened birds:
Thanks to the Pilgrim Fund of Panama and institutions such as the Smithsonian Institute, harpy eagles are being rescued and protected. Apparently, Panama is the only country in Latin America that protects this bird. The harpy eagle is the second largest eagle in the world, after the eagle of the Philippines, and is the national bird of Panama.
Patagonia sin represasPatagonia without dams: In 2011, this movement formed by several Chilean environmental associations stopped the plan for the construction of five hydroelectric dams in southern Chile. This plan would have flooded 5,900 hectares of natural reservesProtección de la biosferaProtection of the biosphere: The Yasuní National Park, declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1989, is located in the Ecuadorian Amazon. At present, several environmental organizations are trying to stop the advance of oil companies that operate in 60% of the park's territory.Parque nacional submarino la caletaIn 1984, thanks to the work of the Submarine Researchers Group, the Hickory rescue vessel sank in the La Caleta Submarine National Park, some 17 kilometers from Santo Domingo. It was not an accident: the objective of the specialists was to submerge the intact vessel to serve as an artificial reef for endangered species. Over the years, the boat was covered with sponges and corals, and thousands of fish pass through it. The Hickory, which is about 20 meters deep, is today one of the biggest attractions in the park. But the Hickory is not the only attraction of the national park, it also has another sunken ship-museum for diving. In the waters of the park, which reach a depth of 180 meters (590 feet), you can see three reef terraces. The corals form true red and yellow orange carpets that impress the most demanding diver.