Social Stratification


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Cultural Capital
assets that consist of various types of knowledge, skills, and other cultural resources
Rewards cultural capital
Cultural Capital and social capital
leads to social mobilization
Statistical anomalies
when research is skewed ex. Michael Jordon is an example of someone who was poor, but depite all odds became rich, famous, and gave back to the community. We don't see this often at all
Progressive Taxation
a system in which people who earn more pay higher taxes
Regressive Taxation
a form of taxation that disproportionally affects those with lower incomes
- public policy and inequality - when businesses don't have to pay taxes or get tax breaks because they are "job makers," even though they don't need tax breaks
Stratification Function
Valued money roles are perhaps not the most necessary Ex. - Owners of Apple and Facebook are billionaires but their businesses aren't really necessary
Conflict Theory
subsidies are pubic assistance for capitalists
the money to invest in factories, real estate, and other businesses
capitalist class
those who control major capital and own the means of production
life chances
the likelihood a person has of obtaining valued economic and cultural resources
working class
those who survive on the wages they earn
structural mobility
mobility occurs because a shift in available occupations changes the class system as a whole
Individual mobility
mobility occurs when a person's class position changes without any change in the larger class structure
modernization theory
global inequality is due to cultural differences between countries
Dependency Theory
global inequality is due to the exploitation of weaker, poor nations by wealthy, more powerful ones