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replace all

click this button at the Find and Replace dialog box to replace all occurrences of text


Click this button on the Standard tool bar to insert selected text in the document at the position of the insertion point

paste options

This button contains the option Match Destination Formatting

clipboard task pane

Press Ctrl+C twice to display this task pane


Press these keys on the keyboard to insert a page break

insert page numbers

Click these options to display the Page Numbers dialog box


This is the default page orientation


This is the default left and right margin measurement

switch between header and footer

Switch to the footer pane by clicking this button on the Header and Footer toolbar

arrange all

Click this option from the window drop-down menu to arrange open documents

insert break

Click these options to display the break dialog box


Click this button on the standard toolbar to create columns of equal width


Insert a line between columns with the line between options at this dialog box


One method for displaying the Clip Art task pane is to click the Insert Clip Art button on this toolbar


Display the WordArt Gallery by clicking this option on the Menu bar pointing to Picture, and then clicking Word Art

text wrapping

Clicking this button on the Picture toolbar to choose a wrapping style

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