Vocabulary From Classical Roots Book C Lesson 7

15 terms by abbyhoward

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n. A home; residence.


1. adj. Related to family or household.

2. Tame; trained to live with humans.

3. Indigenous to a particular country; native.


n. Range of one's control, territory.


tr. and intr. To dominate; to be bossy.


Control; rule; area of influence.


Asleep; not in an active state.


To walk while sleeping.


adj. 1. Drowsy; sleepy.

2. Causing sleep.


n. Washing of the body, especially as a ritual purification.


n. 1. A downpour, a great flood.

tr. v. 2. To flood.


tr. v. 1. To take away something belonging to someone, especially a right, title, property; to possess.
2. To strip away, especially clothes.


n. A cermony in which a person formally receives the authority and symbols of an office.


n. An absurd or inferior imitation.


n. A garment that indicates position or authority; especially the robes worn by clergy.


adj. 1. A concern for something from which a person expects to get personal benefit. (used with interest)

2. Dressed, especially in vestments.

3. Absolute; without a question.

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