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Questions on Dzogchen theory

Name the five elements and their related root misconceptions.

(dt) Earth - Insubstantiality, Water - fear, Fire - isolation, Air - groundless anxiety, Space - bewilderment

Name the colours of the main channels.

(dt) Blue - central, Solar - red, Lunar - white

What is the meaning of the words zap-lam and trek-chod?

(dt) Zap-lam - profound path, Khregs-gCod - blasting through (exploding the confines of conventional reality)

Define repression and the effects of repression.

(dt) Repression - not allowing the expression of emotion, Leads to cold diseases such as athritis, rheumatism and cancer

Why is 'expression' as problematic as 'repression'?

(dt) Acting out one's anger increases one's karmic patterning

Explain the difference between dönpa, yang, and Dzogchen gar-dang

(dt) Donpa - chant, yang and dzogchen gar dang - yogic song

What is a nyam?

(dt) A meditational experience

What are 'the two sem nyams'?

(dt) Ne-pa - absence with presence, gYo-wa - the nyam of form

How are nyams viewed in Sutra and Tantra?

(dt) In sutra andn tantra they are ignored as distractions.

What is a zap-nyam?

(dt) A profound nyam, a nyam of sensation produced by practices of Dzogchen long-de

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