15 terms

Chapter 21 part 1 vocab

on a ship, the cramped quarters for passengers paying the lowest fares
Push Factor
conditions that drive people from their homes
Statue of Liberty
a large statue symbolizing hope and freedom on Liberty Island in New York Harbor
keeping older traditions while adapting to a new culture
Pull Factor
conditions that attract immigrants to a new area
Salvation Army
an International charitable organization
people who have anti-foreign feelings
small apartment in a city slum building
Building Codes
standards for Construction and safety of buildings
organized attack on Jews
Chinese Exclusion Act
an 1882 law that barred Chinese laborers from entering the United States
Social Gospel
movement within American Protestantism in the late 1800's that attempted to apply biblical teachings to society's problems
Settlement House
community centers organized in the late 1800's to offer services to the poor
Hull House
settlement house founded by Progressive reformer Jane Addams in Chicago in 1889
movement of people from the country to cities