Congress could not _______ taxes, which means there was a lack of money to run the nation
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Montesquieu outline three branches of government...Executive, legislative, and judicialVirginia Plan (large state plan)The government should have two legislative houses for the number of representatives for each state based on populationNew Jersey Plan (small state plan)The new government should have one legislative house with all how states having the same number of representativesThe delegates came up with the _________ __________ which settled the dispute between big and small statesGreat CompromiseThe delegates signed the Constitution on what dateSeptember 17The delegates tried to promote the constitution in their hometowns so that the states would ______ (accept) it's as the new governmentRatifyThe people that favored their the constitution were called...Federalists_____ ____________ _______, a collection of essays that refuted the objections to the constitution, helped calm the fears and helped many Americans accept the constitutionThe Federalist PapersThe people who were against the constitution were called...Anti-FederalistsAnti-Federalists caused a lot of anxiety and fear over the constitution so that the Americans would not accept it (true or false)True____ states were required to rarity the constitution before it could become the lawNine_____ _____________ was the ninth state to ratify the constitution in July, 1788New Hampshire________ ____________ was unanimously chosen as the first president of the USGeorge WashingtonThe ______ ____ _______ was the last of personal rights and freedoms guaranteed to each citizenBill of Rights