20 terms

Text Structure & Non Fiction Text Features

cause & effect text structure
text that shows one or more events occuring because of something else
chronological text structure
Text is set up as a starting date and an ending date - the events happen in order
problem & solution text structure
text that presents a problem that needs to be solved
sequential text structure
text is set up as steps; first, second, third, etc.
compare/contrast text structure
text that gives similarities and differences about people, places, events or things
description text structure
Text that describes a topic and commonly uses sensory language
description clue words
such as, for instance, in addition, also, specifically, for example
sequential clue words
first, second, third, next, finally, before, after, then
compare/contrast clue words
like, unlike, different, the same, similarly, opposed to, on the other hand, both
problem/solution clue words
dilemma, problem, solved, issue, solution, difficulty, trouble, fixed, this led to
cause/effect clue words
caused, because, as a result, this led to, therefore, since, due to
table of contents
A list found in the beginning of a book that shows where the chapters and units begin
The title of a page or chapter that lets the reader know what they will be learning about
sub heading
Below the heading; divides the text into specific sections and tells what that section is about and helps the reading find information quicker
key words
words that are emphasized (or stand out); words may be underlined, capitalized, boldface, italicized or highlighted
An explanation for a picture that can be found next to, above, or under the picture
A picture found in a book, magazine, article, etc. that gives the reader a visual representation of what they're reading
A drawing that shows how something works
An alphabetical list of vocabulary words and their meanings (a mini dictionary found in the back of an informational book)
A list of different topics that can be found in the back of the book and page numbers where to find them