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large body of water emptying into another river, and ocean or lake

source of a river :) :) :)

where a river or stream begins

mouth ( of river)

where a river or stream flows into a larger body of water such as a lake or ocean


small river or stream that feeds into a larger river system


body of water surrounded by land

bay or gulf (usually larger)

part of a body of water that is partially enclosed; makes a good port


narrow channel that connects two larger bodies of water


land that borders the sea


point where ships unload passengers and cargo


land area that is surrounded by water on all sides


body of land jutting into a lake or ocean


height of above sea level


area of raised land that is lower and more rounded than a mountain


high and steep rugged land that rises sharply above the surrounding land

mountain range

a series of connected mountains


area of level land, usually a low elevation and covered by grasses


area of land surrounded by higher elevations, usually has a river draining in it


area of level land or rolling land at high elevation


distance in degrees north or south of the Equator


distance in degrees east and west from the Prime Meridian

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