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  1. cathode
  2. hacking
  3. Alipidic
  4. closed comedones
  5. exfoliation
  1. a Removal of excess dead cells from the skin surface.
  2. b Skin that does not produce enough sebum, indicated by absence of visble pores.
  3. c Chopping movement performed with the edges of the hands in massage.
  4. d a negatively charged electrode that is the source of electrons in an electrical device
  5. e Clogged follicles just under trhe skin surface.

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  1. an applicator for directing the electric current from the machine to the clients skin
  2. Application of light erays to the skin for treating disorders.
  3. enzyme peels in which a cream is applied to the skin before steaming and forms a hardened crust that is then massaged or rolled off the skin also called vegtal peeling
  4. Acids derived from plants, mostly fruit, and used to exfoliate the skin
  5. Chemical exfoliants that involve the use of enzymes that help speed up the breakdown of keratin, the protein in skin.

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  1. chemical exfoliantsChemical agent that dissolves dead skin cells.


  2. cream masksMask treatments for dry skin that do not harden or dry on the face.


  3. Brushing machineA rotating electric appliance with interchanheable brushes that can be attached to the rotating head.


  4. ampoulesSealed glass vials containing highly concentrated extract in a water or oil base.


  5. chuckingChopping movement performed with the edges of the hands in massage.