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  1. Brushing machine
  2. aromatherapy
  3. clay based masks
  4. fulling
  5. closed comedones
  1. a Clogged follicles just under trhe skin surface.
  2. b therapeutic use of essential oils
  3. c A rotating electric appliance with interchanheable brushes that can be attached to the rotating head.
  4. d Form of petrissage in which the tissue is grasped, gently lifted, and spread out; used mainly for massaging the arms.
  5. e Clay preparations used to stimulate circulation and temporary contract the pores of the skin

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  1. Skin that does not produce enough sebum, indicated by absence of visble pores.
  2. Special cosmetic preparations applied to the face to tighten, tone, hydrate, and nourish the skin.
  3. Liquid the helps remove excess oil in the skin.
  4. Light, continuous-stroking massage movement applied with fingers and palms in a slow and rhythmic manner.
  5. Nonfoaming lotion cleanser for the face.

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  1. chuckingMassage movement accomplished by grasping the flesh firmly in one hand and moving the hand up and down along the bone while the other hand keeps the arm or leg in a steady position.


  2. keratolytic enzymesOil or fatty ingredients that prevent moisture from leaving the skin.


  3. exfoliationIngredient that assists in the process of exfoliation.


  4. ampoulesa positively charged electrode by which electrons leave an electrical device


  5. chemical exfoliantsChemical agent that dissolves dead skin cells.