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Pro Res Litigation and Other Forms of Advocacy

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Police arrested several protestors who were advocating a cause that Attorney strongly supported. One of the protestors had a violent altercation with police, and she was facing criminal charges. Attorney practices corporate transactional law and not litigation. The news media reported that jury selection would begin the following Monday in the protestor's prosecution. Attorney waited outside the courthouse where prospective jurors were reporting for jury service, and a long line formed at the metal detectors for entering the courthouse. Attorney waited in line and started conversations with the prospective jurors in front of him and behind him in the line, during which he explained that he was a lawyer and that the case against the protestor was ridiculous from a legal standpoint. He told them that he hoped the jury would follow the laws of the state and acquit the protestor. Once Attorney made it through the security line, he walked out of the courthouse and got back in the security line again, and had similar conversations with more prospective jurors. During voir dire, the prosecutor asked the prospective jurors if anyone had spoken to them directly about the case, and three people mentioned their conversations with a lawyer in the security line waiting to get into the building. None of the individuals with whom Attorney spoke ended up on the jury in the case. The prosecutor eventually determined Attorney's identity and filed a grievance with the state disciplinary authority. Could Attorney be subject to discipline?