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Byzantine & Russian Empires Chapter

Bosporus Straits

The location of Constantinople, the new capital city of the Roman world, built by Constantine between the Black Sea nad the Aegean Sea.


Ancient Greek city that became the new center of the Byzantine Empire and was renamed Constantinople.

Code of Justinian

Reworked law code of the eastern Roman empire. Made less contradictory and simplified. Became the basis for most European and American law systems.


Alphabet based on Greek letters that was developed by two Byzantine missionaries, Cyril and Methodius, to write Slavic languages.

Greek Orthodox

Eastern branch of Christianity centered in Constantinople.


Language used by the Eastern Orthodox Church.


Religious images used by Christians to aid their devotions.


Language used by the western christian church.


A pattern of prayer or worship.

Hagia Sophia

Great domed church constructed during reign of Justinian which featured a dome on a rectangular base.


A person who spreads his or her religious beliefs to others.


Art consisting of a design made of small pieces of colored stone or glass.


Title for the head of the Eastern/Greek Orthodox church in Constantinople appointed by the Byzantine Emperor.


The head of the Western/Roman Catholic church.

Roman Catholic

Relating to the Christian church that developed in the Western Europe with the split of the Christian church.


The people from the forests north of the Black Sea; began trading with Constantinople.

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