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movement in the saggital plane that decreases the angle of the joint and brings two bones closer together


opposite of flexion; movement in the saggital plane that increases the angle of the joint or distance between two bones or parts of the body


extension greater than 180 degrees


movement of a bone around its longitudinal axis


moving a limb away in the frontal plane from the median plane of the body, spreading the fingers apart


opposite of abduction; movement of a limb toward the body midline


a combination of all the movements, commonly seen in ball and socket joints where the proximal end of the limb is stationary while the distal end moves in a circle


lifting the foot so the superior surface approaches the shin, standing on the heels

plantar flexion

pointing the toes


turning the sole of the foot medially


turning the sole of the foot laterally


forearm rotation laterally so that the palm is facing anteriorly and the radius and ulna are parallel


forearm rotation medially so that the palm faces posteriorly and the ulna and radius are crossed


touching the thumb to other fingers

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