Novice ~ 22 otra vez ~ Vocabulario Importante

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ignoras/he ignoresinsulta as/he insultsle sirves/he serves him/herllega a su apartamentos/he arrives at his/her apartmentlleva pijamass/he wears pijamasmira la teles/he watches TVnecesita una llaves/he needs a keyno duermes/he doesn't sleepno es muy amables/he isn't very niceoye los númeross/he hears the numberspiensas/he thinksquiere compartirs/he wants to sharesabe ques/he knowssale de la tiendas/he leaves the storese despierta con su alarmas/he wakes up with his/her alarmse llamahis/her name is (s/he calls herself)se sienta a su lados/he sits down next tosuena el alarmathe alarm goes offtiene problemass/he has problemstoma su cafés/he drinks (has) his/her coffeetrabajas/he worksve ques/he sees that