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Novice ~ 22 otra vez ~ Vocabulario Importante


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camina por la calle
s/he walks down the street
choca con
s/he crashes into
compra un décimo
s/he buys a lottery ticket
decide comprar
s/he decides to buy
le dice
s/he says to him/her
está de mal humor
s/he is in a bad mood
está quemado
it is burnt
gana dinero
s/he wins money
s/he yells/screams
there is/are
s/he ignores
insulta a
s/he insults
le sirve
s/he serves him/her
llega a su apartamento
s/he arrives at his/her apartment
lleva pijamas
s/he wears pijamas
mira la tele
s/he watches TV
necesita una llave
s/he needs a key
no duerme
s/he doesn't sleep
no es muy amable
s/he isn't very nice
oye los números
s/he hears the numbers
s/he thinks
quiere compartir
s/he wants to share
sabe que
s/he knows
sale de la tienda
s/he leaves the store
se despierta con su alarma
s/he wakes up with his/her alarm
se llama
his/her name is (s/he calls herself)
se sienta a su lado
s/he sits down next to
suena el alarma
the alarm goes off
tiene problemas
s/he has problems
toma su café
s/he drinks (has) his/her coffee
s/he works
ve que
s/he sees that