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Rivers key words 2


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A sudden change in the smooth, concave long profile of a river
The raised banks which may be found along the sides of a river channel
Long profile
The line showing the decreasing height with distance from the source
A horseshoe-like loop in a river caused by lateral erosion
Ox-bow lake
A curved lake formed on the flood plain of a river when a meander has been cut through in a flood. The river has subsequently followed a shorter steeper river channel
Plunge pool
A deep pool formed at the bottom of a waterfall
A small eroded hollow in the rock bed of a river
River cliff
A steep slope on the outer bank of a meander. It is formed by the undercutting of the river current
A stream or river which has joined a larger river
A vertical drop of water in a river or stream
A ridge or other line of separation between two catchment basins or drainage systems
A linear depression between two areas of higher ground. A river usually flows through it although dry examples occur which lack a river