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Angiosperm is another name for _____

a flowering plant

While walking in the woods, you encounter a beautiful and unfamiliar flowering plant. If you want to know whether it is a monocot or dicot, it would help to look at the _____.

number of seed leaves (or cotyledons) present in its seeds

Root hairs are important to a plant because they _____.

increase the surface area for absorption

The cortex is a part of which tissue system?

ground tissue system

How do cells in a meristem differ from other cells in a plant?

They continue to divide.

Wood is _______.

secondary xylem

Meiosis followed by mitosis will produce pollen grains in the _____.


In angiosperms, each pollen grain produces two sperm. What do these sperm do?

one fertilizes an egg and one fertilizes a cell that develops into stored food.

A pea pod is formed from _____. A pea inside the pod is formed from _____

an ovary, an ovule

The germination of seeds depends on the _____.

uptake of water

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