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social media is communication that is:
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for videos to be successful they must be:relevant and grounded in a great idea that is engaging and meaningfulguerilla marketinginnovative, unconventional, and oftentimes low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product (burger king asking alexa what is in a whopper)graffitihelps establish brand identity this low-cost form of advertising can grab attention with a one-of-a-kind message that is highly visible, and has potential to go viral on social media (Mr. Cleans face on super bright cross walk)ads are great for visibility while influencers help boost__________engagementinfluencer marketingpartnering with social content creators to share stories and opinions about your products and gain exposure to your target audience they are well connected, authoritative, and trend setterspay-per-cost influencer pay model(most common) -influencers are paid a flat rate for creating/publishing a piece of content -risk is that audience may not engage with or see posting -brand needs to ensure that the post meets its quality standardsfree product or service influencer pay modelbrands offer free product in lieu of monetary payment (common for up and coming influencers)when to use influencer marketing1. product launches 2. build awareness for existing products 3. strengthen relationships with brand champions 4. build social media followingsix influencer marketing strategies #1 find the right influencers-influencers should post content that resonates with readers, creates discussions, and is shared across platforms -readers should actively engage with influencerssix influencer marketing strategies make creating great content your top priority, it will be at the intersection of:-your audiences interests -your brand story -content creators unique perspectivesix influencer marketing strategies #3 make visual content a dominant part of your strategy-use photographs, videos infographics -visuals are processed at 60,000 times faster in the brain than in textsix influencer marketing strategies #4 get creative and take chances-Lay's asked fans and influencers to create a new chip flavor for a $1 million prize Tyson nuggets needed to move inventory overstock, influencers invented and shared unique ways to use chicken nuggets in holiday recipessix influencer marketing strategies #5 let the conversation be about the consumer experience with the brand and NOT about the brand-influencer content should provide readers with value -WOM recommendation is the primary factor behind 20-50% of all purchase decisionssix influencer marketing strategies #6 repurpose content-taking interaction they have with brand and distributing it across your platformsoutdoor/ out-of-home broadcast media-billboards -skywriting -giant inflatables -balloons -blimps -t-shirts -festivals -product placementsvirtually any ________________________ can become a marketing venueblank space outside of the homeoutdoor marketing strengths-broad reach -high frequency -geographic flexibility -low CPM -substantial product identification -opportune purchase reminder -supplemental medium -innovative mediumsoutdoor marketing weaknesses-demographic non-selectivity -short exposure time -difficult to get feedback -visual pollution/clutter -wear out factornewspaper trendslast newspaper will be published in October of 2040 while all this is happening, online newspapers are increasing significantly each yearMagazine Strengths-long life -targeted/selectivity -high reproductive quality -detailed content (editorial compatibility) -consumer involvement -customized publicationsmagazine weaknessesnot intrusive lack of flexibility clutter cost limited geographic optionsRadio Strengths-audience segmentation -personal and intimate -targeted -economical -short lead times -image transference from TV -use of local personalitiesradio weaknessesclutter no visualization buying difficulties (every station is priced differently)TV dayparts-daytime (9am to 4pm) -early/prime fringe (4pm-8pm) -late fringe (11pm-2am) -primetime (8-11 pm) -Overnight (2-5am) early morning (5-9 am)television/video strengths-demonstration ability -visual -intrusion value -generates excitement/entertainment -personal -humor -achieves impactTV weaknesses-costs -audience erosion (TV has older audience ) -clutterzippingfast-forwarding through commercialszappingswitching channels during commercial breaks -more common before/after shows than duringcord cutting1/3 American adults subscribe to Netflix in 2015, 440k people cut from cablestrong brand name allowsplatform for new products/line extensions leverage with retailers non-price competition/positioningwhen choosing a brand name:1. suggest product benefits 2. be distinctive and positive 3. fit into company/ product image 4. have no legal or regulatory restrictions 5. translate easily into foreign languages 6. allow expansion of base brand 7. easy to pronounce and remembergood logos:-recognized easily -distinctive and timeless -appeals to core audience and represents brands core vision -conveys essentially the same meaning to all target members -designer understands how and when the logo will be seen -capable of being updatedpackaging-most important communications component -involves shape, design, color, brand name -"silent salesman" "the package is the product"functions of the package-contain and protect the product -draw attention to the brand -reinforce associations through advertising -signify brand features and benefits -break through competitive clutter at point of purchaseSensation Transference (Halo effect)knock off product will have very similar packaging as real product, shape, colors etc.color of packagingcommunicate quality, taste, product's ability to satisfy psychological needs -affect people emotionally -add elegance, prestige -meaning of color varies among culturesdesign and shape of packaging-evoke differet feelings through choice of slope, length, and line thickness -tranquility (horizontal) -strength (vertical) -mobility (slanted line) -arouse emotions -femininity (curved lines) -masculinity (sharp/lines)package size-satisfy unique need of market segments -represent different usage situations -helps gain additional retail shelf spacephysical materials-chose material based upon marketing implications, not exclusively based upon their cost -can arouse consumer emotionsphysical materials examples: metal plastics wood velvet-strength, durability, coldness -lightness, cleanliness, cheap -masculine -feminineproduct information, key information, key words/ violators positioning statement-ingredients, warnings, pictures -new, improved, freeVIEW model visibility-attract attention at point of purchase (colors, packaging) -stand out on shelf without detracting from brand image -use seasonal and holiday packaging for more attention and incremental sales -violators can draw attention to the packagingVIEW model information-product usage instructions, claimed benefits, violators, slogans, supplemental information-does it give consumer all he needs to know -don't clutter with excess information -positioning statement ties campaign together -useful for stimulating trial, encourage repeat purchase, providing usage instructionsVIEW model Emotional appeal-evoke desired feelings or mood -CPM vs. HEM-do you emphasize information vs imageryVIEW model Workability-how does the product function? -protect contents? -simplify accessing and using the product? -protect retailers against breakage and pilferage? -environmentally friendly?promotional expenditures are highest in the _______ phase of product life cycle to react to increasing competitiongrowthpromotions-provide consumers with rewards -typically cash savings or free gifts -prefer immediate vs. delayedwhat promotions can accomplish-invigorate sales of a mature brand, obtain trial -create awareness and trial for a new brand -increase merchandising space for a short period of time; reduce store inventory -neutralize competitive sales activities; load current customers -expand customer relationship mgt database -reinforce marketing messagewhat promotions CANT accomplish-compensate for lack of marketing, poor brand awareness, or weak image -give consumers long-term compelling reason to buy -stop brands declining trend due to non-acceptance of undesired product -compensate for poorly trained salesforceall promotions must:-be based on clearly defined objectives -be designed with specific target market in mind -be user-friendly and easy to participate in for consumer and retailerpromotions are a _________ but they are an investment, not just an expenseshort-term strategysampling-premier trial inducing technique -90% of consumers would buy a new brand if they liked the sample and its pricingways to sample:-postal mail -within newspapers and magazines -on or in pack -high traffic locations/ in store -at events and unique venues -internetwhen should sampling be used-brand has distinct relative advantage -product concept is difficult to communicate -brand can afford it -quick trial is neededproblem with sampling:cost!why is sampling being used more frequently?-rising cost and ineffectiveness of mass marketingcoupons-promotional device that provides percentage or cents-off to consumers upon redemption -can set a new price pointinstantly redeemable coupons (IRCs)adhered directly to productdigital coupons-blogs and coupon classes are growingcross-ruffcoupon for complementary product that is neither on or in a productboucebackcoupon for the purchased product either on or in the purchased product to be used when the consumer "bounces back" to purchase the same product againMisredemptionnumber one problem with couponing (can redeem on wrong product/size)premiums-articles of merchandise or service offered by manufacturers to induce action -free stuff/ swagbonus packs-giving consumers extra free product -Adv- loads current consumer with merchandise -Disadv- would product have been purchased regardless?rebate/refund advantages-franchise holding -stimulates purchasing -alternative to couponing -reinforces brand loyalty -provides sales force with story -can flag package with a violatorsweepstakes-purely on bases on chance, no need for proofs of purchase -response of <1%contests-consumer does something, may need proofs of purchase -less entrants that sweepstakeswhy use contestsenhance brand image, create excitement, brand interestcontinuity promotions-reward consumer -"loyalty programs" -usually log term -cements relationship with customeruse promotions to develop databases-represent best prospects -can vary offer to different audiencestypes of databases-electronic -postal -internal - generated by brand -external - generated by third personPOP Point of purchasethe capstone for an in-store integrated marketing communications program: -its when purchase is made -when marketer can influence a final decision -only time when the product, money, and purchaser come togetherfunctions of in-store POP-inform -remind -encourage -merchandisekinds of merchandisingdisplays signagegreatest exposure on shelf iseye-level (this has shifted down over the years as shoppers have their heads down scanning their phones as they shop)why isnt POP used?-inappropriately designed, takes up too much space -not retailer friendly, hard to set up -lacks eye appeal -doesnt generate sufficient sales per square footpublic relationsfostering goodwill between a company and its various publics (consumers, employers, suppliers, stockholders, influencers etc.)what can PR accomplish?-increase brand awareness -build favorable attributes toward a company and its products -encourage purchase behavior -aid in new product introductionproactive PR-dictated by marketing efforts -seeks opportunities -gets positive coverage -can enhance image and favorable associations with brand -builds brand awareness and credibilitynewsjackingthe art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story so you and your ideas get noticed -helping the jounalist (fireworks company talking safety around july 4th)Reactive PR-product defects and failures -when something bad happens to your brand you have to respond to itSponsorship Marketinginvolves the marketer's investment in events or causes for the purpose of achieving various corporate or marketing objectives (event or cause-oriented sponsorships)why the growth in sponsorships-avoids media clutter -helps companies respond to changing media habits -helps companies gain approval of constituencies, particularly when associated with a cause -allows marketers to target efforts geographically or psychographicallyevent sponsorshipa form of promotion that ties brand to meaningful athletic, entertainment, cultural, social, or other high-interest public activitycreating customized events-company develops own events rather than sponsors existing ones -provides brand with total control over the event -can be more effective and less costlycause-related marketingcompany contributes to nonprofit cause every time customer undertakes some actionpartnerships$0 investment if done right need a win/win scenario