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Refracting Telescope

A type of optical telescope that uses two lenses to gather and focus light.

Reflecting Telescope

A type of optical telescope that uses mirrors instead of lenses to gather and focus light.


A technique of combining the observations of two or more telescopes to produce images that have better resolution than what one telescope alone could produce.

Hubble Space Telescope

One of the largest, most complex satelits ever built.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

The complete range of wavelengths over which electromagnetic energy extends; includes microwaves, gamma rays, X-rays and radio and T.V. signals.

Radio Telescopes

A telescope system that collects and analyzis radiation in the road frequency range from stars and other bodies in space.

Radio Interferometry

Is the technique of diagnosing the properties of two or more waves by studing the pattern of interferance created by their super position.

Space Probes

Unmaned satelites or remote controlled "landers" used to explore areas or objects in space that are too difficult or dangerous to send humans to.


A method of inderectly measuring distance by creating and imaginary triangle between an abserver and an object whose distance away is to be estimated.


The apparent shift in position of a nearby object against a different background when the object is viewedfrom two different positions.

Doppler Effect

The apparent change in frequency of sound, light, and other waves as the observer and the wave source move towards or away from eachother; also reffered to as " Doppler Shift".

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