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  1. adductor magnus origin
  2. adductor brevis insertion
  3. adductor longus innervation
  4. adductor longus action
  5. adductor brevis origin
  1. a body and inferior ramus of pubis
  2. b adductor part: inferior ramus of pubis and ramus of ishium
    Hamstrings part: ishial tuberosity
  3. c pectineal line and proximal part of linea aspera of femur
  4. d adducts thigh
  5. e obturator nerve (L3) anterior division

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  1. adductor part: flexes the thigh
    hamstrings part: extends the thigh
    both: adducts the thigh
  2. adductor part: obturator nerve (L3,4) posterior division
    hamstrings part: tibial part of sciatic nerve (L4)
  3. adducts thigh; flexes thigh; medial rotator of leg
  4. body of pubis inferior to pubic crest
  5. laterally rotates thigh; steadies head of femur in acetabulum

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  1. adductor longus insertionmiddle 1/3 of linea aspera of femur


  2. Gracilis insertionobturator nerve (L2)


  3. adductor brevis innervationobturator nerve (L3) anterior division


  4. adductor brevis actionadducts and somewhat flexes thigh


  5. obturator externus innervationobturator nerve (L4)