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breaking, organic, energy

Celluar respiration: The_____________down of __________ compounds in order to make the _________ molecules used by cells

high, produced, adenosine triphosphate

The______energy molecules____________ by the cellular respiration process are called ______________ ______________

ATP, three, high energy

____ has _______ phosphate groups and the bonds between these groups are "_________ ___________" bonds

high energy, break, energy, cell

If one of these "________ _________" bonds _________, a lot of ________ can be used by the _____


Which molecules store more energy ATP or ADP?

organisms, first, glycolysis

In all _______________, the _______ step of cellular respiration is called ____________

area, glycolysis, cytoplasm

the _____ in the cell in which _________ occurs is the _____________

net gain, 2 ATP molecules

The process of glycolysis produces a _____ ________ of _ ____ ______________ (In actual fact, 2 atp molecules are required to start the glycolysis reactions and 4 atp molecules are produced by the process)

aerobic respiration, oxygen, mitochondria, ATP

1__________ _________________: occurs with the presence of ____________ in the _______________ of eukaryotic cells.

Yields much more ______ than glycolysis

fermentation, anareobic respiration, without, oxygen, cytoplasm, no ATP

2 ______________ (_____________ _______________): occurs __________ the presence of ___________ in the _____________ of cells

Yields ___ _______

mitochondria, 36

Aerobic respiration occurs entirely in the ________________ of eukaryotic cells, and can produce up to __ ATP molecules

Krebs cycle, mitochondrial matrix, glucose, co2, 2 atp

1________ ________
occurs in the _______________ _________
finishes the break down of ___________
realeases _____ as a waste product
produces __ ______ molecules (for every glucose molecule broken down)

electron transport chain, membrane proteins, inner membrane, o2, h2o, 34 atp

2___________ ____________ _________
the electron transport chain is a group of ______________ ___________ found within the ________ _______________ of the mitochondrion
___ is used during this process
_____ is made during this process
can produce up to ____ ______ molecules

38, 2, 2 ATP + 34

Total possible ATP yield:
glycolysis + aerobic cellular respiration= ___ ATP
(__ ATP) (__ ____ + ___ ATP)

absence of oxygen, cytoplasm, ATP

Fermentation (anaerobic respiration)
occurs in the _________ __ _________
occurs in the ___________
no new _____ is formed

lactic acid, lactic acid, humans, strenuous excercise, alcoholic, ethyl alcohol, ethanol, makes bread, wine, beer

Two types of Fermentation:
1) _______ _______
______ _______ is formed
ex. occurs in _________ after _____________ _________
2) _________ Fermentation
________ ________ (___________) is formed
ex. ________ _______, ______, _____

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