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Gathering Network Requirements

From the Designing and Supporting Computer Networks - CCNA Discovery Learning Guide, PART 1: Concepts

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________ is a six-phase approach, where each phase defines the activities required to successfully deploy and operate Cisco technologies .
Cisco Lifestyle Services
What are the six phases of the Cisco Lifestyle Services?
1. Prepare phase
2. Plan phase
3. Design phase
4. Implement phase
5. Operate phase
6. Optimize phase
Which CLS phase involves establishing the organizational requirements, developing a network strategy, and proposing a high-level conceptual architecture identifying technologies that can best support the architecture?
The Prepare phase
Which CLS phase involves indentifying initial network requirements based on goals, facilities, user needs, etc? This phase also involves characterizing sites and assessing any existing networks.
The Plan phase
A _______ is useful to help manage the tasks, responsibilities, critical milestones, and resources required to implement changes to the network.
Project plan
The initial requirements that were derived in the ______ phase drive the activities of the network design specialists.
The _______ is a comprehensive, detailed design that meets current business and technical requirements.
network design specification
The network design specification incorporates specifications to support what five things?
1. Availability
2. Reliability
3. Security
4. Scalability
5. Manageability
In the _________ phase, the network is built, or additional components are incorporated, according to the design specifications.
Implement phase
_________ is the final test of the appropriateness of the design.
Which CLS phase involves maintaining network health through day-to-day operations, including maintaining high availability and reducing expenses?
The Operate phase
The fault detection, correction, and performance monitoring that occur in the daily operations provide initial data for which CLS phase?
The Optimize phase
Which CLS phase involves proactive management of the network, and may prompt a recommendation for network redesign?
The Optimize phase
The Cisco Lifestyle Services six-phase process is sometimes referred to as what?
the PPDIOO process. It is made from the first letters of each of the six phases
______ and _______describe the requirements for a new network, and include information about the process that the company uses to purchase and install networking components.
Request for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Quote (RFQ)
Feature incompatibilities, insufficient link capacities, device performance problems using multiple features, and protocol scalability are common network problems that can be discovered in what phase?
Optimize phase
When a business or organization decides to upgrade or replace their existing network they usually generate a _______ or a ________.
Request for Proposal (RFP)or a Request for Quote (RFQ)
In the PPDIOO model, the RFP or RFQ occurs at the end of what phase?
the Prepare phase
_____ and ______ include specifications that define the format and content of the expected responses from the potential contractors.
RFPs and RFQs
A response document to a customer is comprised of what six elements?
1. Cover Letter
2. Executive Summary
3. Proposed Solution
4. Proposed Cost
5. Signature Page
6. Appendixes
What section in a response document is prepared on company letterhead and includes relevant contact information and a brief, concise summary of the proposed project?
Cover letter
What section in a response document includes a definition of the problem or requirements of the customer, a recommended solution and its value or benefit to the customer, and a reason why your company is right for the job?
Executive Summary
What section in a reponse document includes a detailed description of solution, PM team and timeline, cutover or turnover schedule, support details, warranty or defective parts information, and terms and conditions for damage by the company?
Proposed Solution
What section in a response document has budget details that may include licensing, hardware and software, fees, training costs, travel expenses, disposal costs, methods of payment, etc?
Proposed Cost
What section in a response document is signed by a customer representative with authority to accept the project?
Signature Page
What section in a response document provides additional info supporting the proposal, including a detailed list of equipment and services, diagrams and forms related to equipment and services list, background company info, etc?
An informational meeting, scheduled prior to the deadline for submitting RFP responses is referred to as a ______ or ______?
Prebid Meeting or Presubmittal Conference
Name three things that a prebid meeting can provide.
1. An opportunity to review the project scope
2. Additional info and documentation indentified but not included in the original RFP
3. Clarification of formatting and project timeline details not included in the original RFP
When do businesses use an RFQ as opposed to an RFP?
When the technical specifications of the project are already known
Why is an RFQ much simpler than an RFP to respond to?
Because the costs associated with an RFQ can easily be obtained or estimated
What are the three main parts of an RFQ?
1. Organization Overview
2. Required Deliverables
3. Assumptions/Agreements
Which section of an RFQ contains background information on the company issuing the RFQ, which can help give insight into what type of business the RFQ is for?
Organizational Overview
Which section of an RFQ describes what the end product of the project must be?
Required Deliverables
Which section of an RFQ describes the terms of the project, such as project budget, submission date, the types of support the company will provide to the contractor, the process used to approve services, etc?
What are examples of things an account manager is responsible for?
1. Meeting assigned sales and revenue goals
2. Communicating info about new products to customers
3. Directing local sales, service, and support teams
4. Planning and budgetting for sales and support projects
5. Responding to customer requests
6. Negotiating or maintaining contracts
Presale systems engineers are sometimes referred to as what?
Presale technical support engineers
______ help the account manager and the customer to determine the need for upgrades or additions to the customer's network.
Presale systems engineers
Presale systems engineers are responsible for what four things?
1. Evaluating the customer's current network
2. Determining if a network upgrade or addition can meet the technical requirements
3. Ensuring that the proposed changes can be integrated into the existing network
4. Testing and evaluating proposed solutions
What is an example of a certification that a presale system engineer might be required to obtain?
Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA)
What are some examples of things that a network designer is responsible for?
1. Analyzing customer goals
2. Evaluating the currently installed network
3. Selecting the correct technologies and equipment to support customers needs
4. Diagramming network device placement
5. Designing proof-of-concept testing
6. Assisting the account manager in preparing presentations
The postsales field engineer is sometimes referred to as what?
Postsales technical support engineer
What are the four responsibilities of the postsales field engineer?
1. Provide installation assistance and acceptance testing
2. Support and organize troubleshooting of components or systems
3. Resolve technical problems the customer may encounter
4. Provide customer training and assistance with managing and configuring devices
What certification is considered a minimum requirement for most postsales field engineers?
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
What are some essential skills when working with clients?
1. Listening and accurately summarizing information
2. Corresponding with clients in a style, fomat, and level of detail appropriate for the intended audience
3. Presenting well-ogranized technical material in a logical fashion
What are some examples of good interpersonal skills?
1. Positive attitude
2. Good communication skills
3. Courteous
4. Flexible
5. Trustworthy
6. Motivated
7. Disciplined
8. Teamwork-oriented
Before beginning any network project, business managers analyze the feasibility of the project based on what?
Based on how it contributes to business success
What are some of the things a business manager must consider when looking at a network project?
1. Profitability
2. Business growth and market share
3. Customer satisfaction
Determining the ______ enables the network designer to establish the scope of the project.
technical requirements
What are some examples of technical requirements?
1. Improved network scalability
2. Increasing network availability and performance
3. Enhancing network security
4. Simplifying network management and support
What some some examples of business constraints?
1. Budget
2. Company policies
3. Scheduling
4. Personnel
What are the two common approaches for network design?
1. Top-Down
2. Bottom-Up
This approach for network design adapts the network infrastructure to the needs of the organization, and is used in the PPDIOO methodology.
Top-Down approach
In this approach for network design network devices and technologies are selected based on previous experience rather than from an understanding of the organization. (This approach is not recommended)
Bottom-Up approach
Why is the Bottom-Up approach to network design not recommended?
Because it does not include information based on the business goals, the proposed network design may not be able to support the required applications.
What are four functions included in network management?
1. Managing network configuration changes
2. Identifying network faults
3. Monitoring performance levels
4. Providing security and accounting management on the network
A typical network management architecture consists of what five elements?
1. Network Management System
2. Network Management Protocol
3. Managed Devices
4. Management Agents
5. Management Information
What is Network Management System (NMS)?
A system that uses an application to monitor and control managed network devices, such as Cisco Works
What is a Network Management Protocol?
A protocol that facilitates the exchange of information between network devices and the NMS, such as Simple Network Management Protocol v3 (SNMPv3)
What is a Management Agent?
Software on a managed device that collects and stores network management information
_____ is a suite of powerful management tools that simplify the configuration, administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of Cisco networks.
CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution (LMS)
What are some examples of benefits that CiscoWorks LMS provides?
1. Improved accuracy and efficiency of network operations staff
2. Increased overall availability of the network by simplifying configuration
3. Maximized network security through integration with access control services and audit of network changes
______ can affect network design and need to be considered early in the design process.
The ______ approach to network design has the best chance to succeed because the designers take into account the business goals of the customer before selecting technology solutions.
Top-Down approach
The _______ approach to network design starts with the selection of equipment and technologies, and then determines how to incorporate them into the network.
Bottom-Up approach
During which phase is the network built according to the approved design specifications and tested to ensure that it meets the business goals and requirements?
Implement phase
________ serve as the primary point of contact between their customers and the networking contractor.
Account managers