Coronary Circulation

Coronary Circulation
Constituted by blood vessels of the heart wall.
Myocardium own heart ciruclation to myocyte
Left Coronary Artery (LCA)
Travels though the coronary sulcus under the left auricle and divides into two brances
What are the two branches of the LCA
Anterior interventricular branch
Circumflex Branch
Anterior Interventricular branch
a.k.a. Left anterior descending (LAD)
supplies blood to both ventricles and anterior 2/3 of interventricular septum
Circumflex Branch
Gives off Left marginal branch - Furnishes blood to left ventricle
Circumflex branch ends on posterior side of heart - supplying blood to left atrium and posterior wall of left ventricle
Right Coronary Artery
Supplies Right Attrium and sinoatrial node (pacemaker). Then travels under right Auricle giving off two branches
What are the Two branches of the (RCA)
Right Marginal branch
Posterior Interventricular Branch
Right marginal Branch
from the RCA, extends toward the apex supplying lateral asper of right atrium and ventricle
Posterior Interventricular Branch
From RCA. Supplies Posterior walls of both Ventricals and posterior portion of interventricular septum
Ends by joining interventricular branch of LCA
When Does blood flow drop in coronary arteries?
when ventricles contract. All other organs are opposite
Blood flow increases in Coronary arteries when>
ventricles relax and refill. All other organs are
Coronary Venous Drainage
Blood drains directly thebesian veins intro the heart chambers, specifically RV. the follow 80% follow Right attrium
Myocardium is rain by___ Into
Great cardiac, posteior interventricular, left marginal veins, Small Cardiac V.(Anterior side), Middle Cardiac V. (Posterior side). ALL VEINS DRAIN Into CORONARY SINUS then into right atrium