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A new DNA strand elongates only in the 5' to 3' direction because

E) DNA polymerase can only add nucleotides to the free 3' end.

Replicating the lagging strand of DNA-that is, adding bases in the 3' 5' direction-utilizes which of the following?

E) A, B, and C

What kind of molecule or substance is the primer that is used to initiate the synthesis of a new DNA strand?


What is the function of topoisomerase?

A) relieving strain in the DNA ahead of the replication fork

What is the role of DNA ligase in the elongation of the lagging strand during DNA replication?

C) join Okazaki fragments together

All of the following are functions of DNA polymerase in DNA replication except

D) initiating a polynucleotide strand.

Which of the following help to hold the DNA strands apart while they are being replicated?

D) single-strand binding proteins

Which of these mechanisms ensures that the DNA sequence in the genome remains accurate?

E) All of the above

Individuals with the disorder xeroderma pigmentosum are hypersensitive to sunlight because their cells have an impaired ability to

D) They cannot repair thymine dimers.

Which of the following is analogous to telomeres?

B) the two ends of a shoelace

A eukaryotic cell lacking telomerase would

D) a reduction in chromosome length

Which of the following statements about telomeres is correct?

B) They are present at the ends of eukaryotic chromosomes.

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