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Medical Coding Sect 01 First week quiz

Identifies a code that is used in combination with a primary procedure

add-on code

Name of the universal health insurance form used for submission of outpatient services to insurance carriers?


What does the bullet symbol next to the code indicate?

A new code

The CPT codes sets are maintained by?


What does AMA stand for?

American Medical Association

CPT stands for?

Current Procedural Terminology

Specific coding information about each section is located?

in the Guidelines

In which CPT appendix would you find all the modifiers listed?

Appendix A

What does Appendix B in the CPT manual contain?

Additions, revisions, and deletions of modifiers

How many categories of the CPT manual are there?


Which category do the main codes of the CPT manual belong to?

Category I

The triangle located in front of a CPT code indicates:

A revised code

Temporary codes for new and emerging technologies, procedures, and services can be found here:

Category III

A code that contains the full procedural or service description is known as:

Stand alone code

The purpose of a modifier is:

to provide additional information to the third-party payer

Modifiers are used to indicate this type of information:

Bilateral and mutliple procedures and services greater than usually required.

When a second surgeon provides assistance to the primary surgeon, the modifer used to report this would be:

modifier -80, Assistant Surgeon

What does modifier 23 report?

Unusual Anesthesia

90 Days for major surgery, 10 days for minor surgery is the :

Global period

Three services provided in the surgical package are:

Postoperative and Preoperative Care and the procedure

True or False:
An unlisted code can be reported if a Category III code is available


Who requires a special report with the use of unlisted codes?

Third party payers

True or False:
Reporting of Diagnoses is one reason for the CPT coding system?


Which of the following is NOT a reason for the CPT coding system?

A: Reporting of diagnoses
B: Comparative analysis
C: Data for research
D: Improved communication

A - reporting of diagnoses

Which manual is used to report diagnoses?


Which manual is used to report procedures and services?

CPT Manual

Which of the following coding manuals is used to report diagnoses?


C - ICD-9-CM

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