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A man has responsibilities to his king, but not his family.

From the selection below, choose the only one that is NOT a belief of Mesopotamian society reflected in the Epic of Gilgamesh.


Mesopotamian gods were ______, reflecting both positive and negative human behavior traits.


_______ is the king of the cedar forest conquered by Gilgamesh and Enkidu.

his mother, Ninsun, is a goddess

Gilgamesh is semidivine, and not immortal, because _______.

it makes its ownder young again

The significance of the plant of youth regained is:

Crossing the Threshold

When Gilgamesh comes to the passage between the mountains which guard the rising and setting sun on his quest for eternal life, the scorpion monsters guarding the passage fit Joseph Campbell's designation:

the Bull of Heaven

Ishtar sends ___________ against Gilgamesh because he has insulted and rejected her.

a dream

Enkidu learns what will happen to him in the land of the dead through:

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