American History Vocabulary 8


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A group of people bound together by a strong sense of shared values and cultural characteristics, including language, religion and common history.
Natural Resource
A productive resource supplied by nature
Natural Rights
a belief that individuals are naturally endowed with basic human rights that cannot be taken away or given up
Nonrenewable Resource
A finite natural resource that cannot be replaced once its used
Opportunity Cost
The value of the next best alternative given up when a choice is made
parliamentary democracy
A system of government in which the executive leaders are chosen by and responsible to the legislature as well as being members of the legislature, as in Great Britain
A specific point of view in understanding or judging things or events
Physical Characteristic/ Feature
A natural aspect or quality of the Earth's surface that includes land formations and vegetation zones.
Physical Map
A portrayal on a flat surface of the physical features of the Earth
A diagram or graph using pictured objects to convey ideas or information