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These are all the terms on the science review sheets that have sefinitions by them.


a chemical that can cause cancer

toxic or toxin



a chemical that is prone to react


a chemical that is not prone to react


a chemical that can cause a fire


a chemical that eats things such as metal, skin, paint, etc.


a chemical that can cause harm


how a chemical can react to other chemicals


a chemical that can cause harm


a substance that can cause a fire or explosion

flash point

the lowest temperature at which the vapors present above the surface of a liquid will ignite if an ignition source is introduced

small cuts

rinse with water. if glass is still in skin, see nurse.

major cuts

if glass is not still present, apply pressure with a clean bandage. see nurse immediately. if glass is present, do not try to remove it. see nurse immediateburnsly.


run cold water over the burned area. see nurse.


make sure you note the poison or toxin. call poison control.

chemical on the skin

flush with cold water. keep running water over the affected area until the skin is clean or the burning stops. do NOT use soap or other chemicals besides water.

chemical in the eyes

use the eye wash and wash eyes for 20 minutes. call poison control if necessary.

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