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infection of the bronchial tubes. Bronchial tubes are large tubes that lead from the windpipe and carry air that has been breathed in through the mouth and nose


a disorder that restrains voluntary movement.
[voluntary = doing something because you want or choose to do it.]

cerebral palsy

a curving of the spine


usually found in adolescent girls who diet excessively and unsafely which causes them to become abnormally thin


swelling of the appendix


a group of diseases that produces a breakdown in muscles, causing weakness and making movement difficult

muscular dystrophy

an attack occurs when the muscles surrounding the bronchial tubes go into a spasm, which reduces the airway. Suffers may gasp for air and fell like they are suffocating


an inherited disease that almost exclusively (only) affects African-Americans. It's a disorder [illness] of the red blood cells.

sickle cell

an increase of sugar in blood or urine. The pancreas fails to secrete (release) enough insulin to use sugar. Therefore, the body is unable to handle sugar.


a disease where a person's joints swell

rheumatoid arthritis

birth defect. Those who have it have an average IQ of 50 and usually have smaller heads and slanted eyes.
[IQ abbreviation for "Intelligence Quotient," mental age determined by intelligence tests. Average intelligence score = 90 - 110. Not very smart = 50.]

down syndrome

swelling of tendons and joints


a nerve cell disorder, characterized by seizures.
[characterized = to be a special quality of.]


inherited bleeding disorder. A person's blood is unable to clot and a simple cute can lead to death.


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