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drill press
a machine tool for drilling holes, set on a fixed stand.
band saw
A power tool used to make curved cuts and is ideal for rough shaping CO2 car bodies.
scroll saw
Used to cut intricate curves. Operate through quick reciprocal (up and down) motion.
table saw
saw used for ripping boards and cutting sheet goods; blade can be adjusted up and down and degrees of angle; blade stays stationary, fence is movable
belt sander
a sanding machine on which the abrasive coating is on an endless belt running over pulleys
spindle sander
sanding tool that has a spindle that can have various grits of sandpaper and various diameters, used for rough shape and fine finishing, curve-linear shaping
thickness planer
A stationary tool used to make the faces of a board flat and parallel. Wood is fed between the roller/ knife and the table.
hand drill
Portable drill for hand drilling
electric sander
Used to smooth wood surfaces
regular screwdriver
A basic tool, which is used to drive and remove slotted screws from many different materials
phillips screwdriver
A screwdriver that has a blade shaped like a cross; this blade fits into a cross-shaped Phillips screw head
bench vise
Vise connected to bench; has a strong jaw; used to hold metal or wire while working
wood clamp
A device designed to whole objects tightly
safety glasses
Eye protection to protect eyes from the impact of foreign objects.
dust mask
Protects the respiratory system from airborne particles
A computer controlled carving device.
A computer controlled cutting device.
steel tool for shaping materials
the most powerful tool ever developed and the most useful in a shop...you will always need one
channel lock pliers
grabbing/holding tool, reengage at different positions, adjustable pliers with a wide range of openings. serrated jaws grip large irregular objects
adjustable wrench (crescent wrench)
used when the specific size wrench for a fastener is not available
wood rasp
file for coarse filing of wood
round file (rat-tail file)
File for finer filing of wood in curves
metal file
A piece of flat steel with small grooves cut into it to create a rough surface, used to smooth edges of steel
combination square
determining 45 and 90 degree angles
hack saw
A saw used for cutting metal.
cross cut saw
Used to cut across the grain
bolt cutters
heavy duty shears that produce enough force when the handles are closed to slice through metal bolts or rods
a tool used for gripping or bending objects

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