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International migration from Mexico to the US


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Percentage of foreigners that are Mexicans in US
Almost 30%
Push: low paid jobs
GDP per capita is $14,406
Push: education
Adult literacy rate of 95%
Push: health care
1.5 doctors per 1000 people
Push: unemployment
6% unemployed
Push: clean water
43% of population have access to a tap with clean water in their home
Push: farming
Poor farming conditions
Push: poverty
51% below poverty line
Pull: doctors
3.3 doctors per 1000 people
Pull: well paid jobs
GDP per capita of $46,860
Pull: education
Adult literacy rate of 99%
Pull: jobs
Many jobs available for low paid workers
Pull: housing
Better quality housing
Effect, US: illegal migration
Illegal migration is costly: border patrols
Effect,US: wages
Migrant workers keep wages low, affecting low skilled Americans
Effect, US: tensions
Tensions due to cultural and racial issues
Effect, US: enriching of culture
Mexican music, language and food
Effect, Mexico: shortage of workers
Shortage of economically active people
Effect, Mexico: gender imbalance
Men emigrate, leaving many women behind
Effect, Mexico: economy
Total of 20 billion USD is sent back to Mexico in remittances
Effect, Mexico: population
Some villages lost 2/3 of inhabitants
Pull: clean water
99% of population in US have a tap with clean water in their home
Pull: employment
Low skilled jobs available. For example, picking fruit in the Central Valley in California